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In recent times, carefree hair has dominated, tracks to the real world.The shiny hair seemed too beautiful - and some women have the impression that they will look uncomfortable if they fall out of order on finished wicks.Home care phenomenon has evolved that. "Healthy hair is the result of what you have spent on your body and hair," says Francesca Fusco, Michael. D., dermatologist at Wexler Skin care in Ny. Fusco describes healthy hair in general exactly about thinking: "The follicle seems to look like the current stage in a minute." On healthy hair, individual tiles are clean and tonic - i. electronic. , the best situation to show light and develop a shine. However, with enough wear, "the hair follicle could appear davines spotlight hair mask broken or damaged," she says. Therefore, indifference. However, there is a bright side: you can easily treat your hair and make it the brightest and healthiest home. Continue reading to learn how to fight individuals spark the sappers and improve the shine of your hair. .

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