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Since the stove was created, it is often considered to be constantly working in the cooking zone. Without a doubt, most properties have one, and this is probably one of the most difficult appliances to operate. Even in this case, it is probably only used to heat exceptional dishes, defrost frozen foods or to prepare a simple meal. Allow me to share some unexpected things related to neo-food that can possibly be used with a stove, demonstrating the overall flexibility of this unit: Domestic sponges are full of germs that can make you sick. One of the many easier ways to disinfect a sponge or cloth is usually to wash it with water and place it in the microwave for two minutes at higher power. Because the sponge or cloth can get hot, wait a little while to relax or use a pair of pliers to understand it. Caution: Never put a sponge or cloth containing material in the microwave. When you need a set of clean clothes, but there is not enough clothing to completely fill the washer dryer, here is an alternative. Bathe the dirty clothes in a large pot of soapy water and place them in the microwave higher for 10 minutes. It will probably be as well cleaned as that. It may seem dirty to put dirty clothes in your stove, but the elimination of bacteria is an area in which microwaves are excellent. To find out if a pot of food is safe in the stove, get a cup without the risk of microwaves and fill it with fresh water. Place the cup in the center of the filtering pot. The temperature on the higher force to start minute. If the water gets very hot and the pot continues to be cold, then there is no risk, but if the pot becomes very hot, it will not be free of microwaves.

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