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In case you are worried, you should not use your phone, I have claimed. However, almost nobody in particular takes into account this advice, which is myself integrated.Because of the fact that the road instructions must be visualized, the podcasts must be appreciated, the SMS doiven t be watched but should never be followed, unless it is by speech, etc. But let's be honest: which is incredibly dangerous. It is very difficult not to use your phone while driving. But it's easy to be considered a smarter toddler, starting with expanding your phone on the dashboard or windshield. And I will simply say that there are a thousand options. Under it we have collected a handful, with medical care for all kinds. You've almost certainly noticed these: suction glass suction cups and Peror adhesive mounts with cradles that keep your phone in position. My advice: Clearly orient the selection of car windows, because the suction cups will not always stay in place - just as the last thing you want is beneficial for your phone, even if you create a well-defined switch or hit a ball. Plus, the automatic glass holders with long gooseneck hands tremble a lot, especially with larger phones. This is another reason to consider a dashboard support. If you still need it: some say there are laws prohibiting anything mounted on the auto glass. 1 wizgear universal stick on dashboard magnetic car mount holder excellent choice: this common Mpow dashboard stand, currently Bucks10. 97 on Amazon. com. It uses a powerful sticky suction power glass that can be safe Best Magnetic Car for your dashboard, offering a very high degree of telescopic training. Its support adapted to the seasons of the plantation holds telephones of practically all the dimensions and a button with quick release facilitates the elimination.

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